Anglo-Dutch (Thailand) Company Limited is initiating the new coffee business concept which was inspired by today's serious environmental issue - global warming. The idea is to plant coffee with the purpose of reforestation for the areas where mobile plantation takes place.

We began by getting in touch with local farmers, inquired and learned about their problems. The problems that we became conscious are that the farmers and their communities have low income, have insufficient agricultural space and lack of effective agriculture knowledge.

Therefore, we provided knowledge and information about global warming, its cause and consequence, to these local farmers as well as advantages they would gain when they cooperate with us. These farmers understood and were certain with our concept and willing to collaborate.

Consequently, we provided young Arabica plants from Doi Chang, Chiang Rai Province for the farmers as well as knowledge, know-how and training for growing Arabica coffee. In alignment with our business concept, organic fertilizer is used for benefits of the environment. In addition to organic fertilizer, macadamia, silver oak and other perennial industrial crops were planted since coffee can be grown among other trees.

Such planting model results in a new ecosystem and a forest is restored. Most importantly, farmers will have long term cultivation for about 50 years because coffee can supply agriculture output for about 50 years. This ensures the reduction of agriculture related deforestation.

At the moment we are confident in our business opportunity as for the past few years there are several farmers who joined our business; and, by the end of 2014 our produce will be ready for harvest.

Additionally we have prepared to propose our project to Kyoto Protocol in order to obtain assistance and support for low income communities as well as call for financial funding to sustain the forest created by our project.

The next step of Anglo-Dutch (Thailand) Company Limited is to build a market channel for our forthcoming produce. We have established a brand called CHY Thai Coffee for our high quality coffee beans. To guarantee our customers with the best quality coffee, our coffee berries were picked and selected by experienced farmers from Doi Chang who have been well familiar with this popular coffee. Then the coffee beans were roasted by our allied partner who operates at an international standard with over a decade of experience. Our promise is to give you high quality coffee with the taste of excellence.