An Important of upstream forest
Upstream forest is an important area to help absorbing water and decelerating water not to quickly flow to the ground.Upstream forest is a major source of water and also help preventing flooding in the lower area.

Some area of Khwae Noi upstream forest have been destroyed from forest state for over 30 years.
Nowadays, the area of Chat Trakarn district in Phitsanulok province which is a part of Khwae Noi river upstream have been destroyed from forest state for over 30 years. This has an effect on the lower are of Khwae Noi river which is about 200,000 Rai ( or 320,000,000 sqm.) of agricultural area. These areas often face flooding problem and lacking water every year.

Agriculturists in upstream area in Chat Trakarn district and Nakhon Thai District in Phitsanulok province,
mostly growing crop rotation and having uncertain income.

Most agriculturists plant crop rotation such as corn, tapioca and bamboo shoot. These crops are industrial crop which its price changes according to market demand. Therefore, these agriculturists have an uncertain income and not yet of any government unit has participate to help and support. Moreover, some local people has started to invade in national park area for agricultural which will lead to deforestation and ecosystem destroying.

(1) Reforestation
Development for sustainable community forest
Restoration the used to be forest area become forest by planting to increase the green area. It is the way to develop forest that community is in charge to restore and take care with out deforestation.
Forest also help reducing global warming because forest help absorbing carbon dioxide emission which is the main cause of global warming. Moreover, carbon credit also can be sold in developed countries.

Khwae Noi upstream forest securing
Khwae Noi river is left sub branch of watershed area of Nan river. The upstream is at Chat Trakarn district, Phitsanulok province. The lower area of Khwae Noi river is an agricultural area which face flooding problem and lacking water every year. Also 80% of local people are low income agriculturists.

The reforestation of Khwae Noi upstream water will save water resource for agricultural in rainy season and droughty season for agricultural area in Khwea Noi watershed area.

Moreover, this also relieve flooding especially in Wat Bot district, Wang Thong district, Phrom Piram district and Mueang Phitsanulok district which have flooding problem every year.

(2) Community economic development
Organic agricultural planting
To create certain income for agriculturists and save environment, organic agricultural system is target for process by emphasize on improving soil with bio fertilizer and avoid using synthetic chemical such as chemical fertilizer, pesticide to save agricultural ecosystem.

Price of market for organic agricultural product is higher than in chemical agricultural product. Also this organic agricultural market has expanded for over 20% per year especially in EU, USA, Japan and Australia.

Growing potential industrial crop
The areas in Chat Trakarn district, and Nakhon Thai district, Phisanulok province are mostly higher level area, more than 800 meters above sea level. The landscape is suitable for Macadamia and Arabica planting. Both crops are industrial crop which has good price, has high demand in market and has high price stability due to the limited of landscape that limits area possible for planting these industrial crops.